One of the easiest towns – not to mention the most spectacular – to get to from the Costa del Sol is Ronda. Famous for its deep gorge that splits the town in two, spanned by a magnificent bridge, Ronda is surrounded by rich, fertile land where vines grow heavy with fruit every summer. Small, family-run vineyards produce mostly elegant, fruity red wines – mostly using Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Shiraz, Merlot, and Tempranillo – in the Sierra de Ronda. Enotourism is an excellent way to deepen your knowledge about local Spanish wines, see where and how they are made, and meet the bodega owners, and makes for an enjoyable day out.

Ronda wineries and luxury travel

Four of the best wineries in and near Ronda, Spain

Whether you’re staying in Ronda, or visiting from your villa nearby – inland, or down on the coast – a visit to one of these wineries (or two) is a must. We’ve included four of our favourite bodegas below.

Bodega Garcia Hidalgo

Located in the lush Guadalcobacin valley, this boutique family winery is run by Miguel Garcia Pereila. The winery produces organic wines such as Alcoazin, a strong and complex blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Merlot, with aromas of ripe berries and a mature tannin taste. You can choose from a visit and tasting of three wines, with tapas too, or with tapas, paella and dessert.

8km from Ronda, on the Ronda to Arriate road. Bodegas Garcia Hidalgo

Vineyard visits in Ronda

(c) Bodegas Garcia Hidalgo

Bodega F. Schatz

Friedrich Schatz spearheaded the revival of wine-making in the Ronda mountains, starting here in 1982. A total of nine grape varieties are grown, including Pinots Noir and Verdot, Moscatel Negro,  Lemberger, and Chardonnay, all five produced as monovarietal wines, as well as Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Merlot, and Tempranillo. The six fruity, elegant wines produced are all organic and biodynamic, without sulphates. Visits include a vineyard walk, cellar tour, and tasting of four to six wines.

10km from Ronda, on the Ronda to Ronda La Vieja road.

Finca Sanguijuela, 29400 Ronda. Bodega F Schatz

Vineyard tours in Ronda

(c) Bodega F. Shatz

Bodega Descalzos Viejos

In a restored 16th-century  convent complete with frescoed walls, below the Ronda Gorge, this is one of Spain’s most unusual and memorable bodegas. DV  produces white (Chardonnay) and red wines, notably DV Aires , a fresh, intense Garnacha and Petit Verdot, and DV Iusta, a monovarietal of Garnacha which is bursting with red fruit. Visits are arranged to suit your needs, with each tour and tasting designed according to the clients’ requests. They also hold outdoor live music events  in summer.

3km from Ronda. on the Ronda to Grazalema road. Partido de los Molinos, 29400 Ronda Descalzos Viejos

Personalised Ronda wine tours

(c) Bodega Descalzos Viejos

La Melonera

The project of Javier Suque and Ana de Castro was to revive varieties destroyed in the phylloxera plague of the 19th century, which saw most indigenous varieties wiped out. Their winery uses native Blasco, Roma and Melonera grapes. Payoya Negra is their star – Tintilla de Rota, Roma and Shiraz, a creamy, well-balanced wine with berry aromas. Visitors are taken by sommelier Laura Cana to the vineyard and winery, and then taste three wines with tapas.

11km from Ronda, on the Ronda to Setenil road. Paraje Los Frontones, 29400 Ronda Melonera

Visit Ronda vineyards

(c) La Melonera

How do I arrange a wine tasting tour in Ronda?

To arrange your tasting, you need to book in advance – you can call or email the wineries. The easiest and most relaxing way to enjoy a wine-tasting tour around Ronda’s bodegas is to use a private chauffeur. We offer a concierge service so that you and your group can be collected from your villa, taken in comfort and style to bodega(s) of your choice, with no Google maps to follow, and conveyed back home when desired.

We also work with expert guides and sommeliers who can put together a personalised day trip depending on your personal tastes, and including some of the local cultural highlights in Ronda.

Guided wine tours in Ronda

What sets Ronda wines apart from other Spanish types?

Spain has an extremely wide variety of wines, from Cava’s sparkling wines to Rioja’s hearty reds to the unique Sherries, thanks to the wide range of terrains, soils and climates across the country. Even within Andalucia, you can find many different types of wines, from Cadiz’s Sherries to Malaga’s Moscatel wines and Cordoba’s fortified Montilla wines.

The Ronda region is known for its high-altitude vineyards (600-900m above sea level), with extreme temperature differences from day to night. This produces more complex wines, adding acidity and structure, and resulting in fresh, elegant wines with spicy, fruity notes.

What season is best for wine tours in Ronda?

Andalusia is uncomfortably hot for walking around in the summer heat, so we suggest that you avoid visiting in July and August – thereby also avoiding the tourist coaches arriving from the coast.

The grape harvest takes place in September, so if you want to see the Ronda wine-making process first-hand, this is the time to come. We also love springtime in Ronda, the countryside all around is an absolute riot of colour around March, April and May, well worth an early summer stay.

Visit Ronda in Spring

Keen to find out what else Ronda has to offer?

We have beautiful villas in and around Ronda, so that you can discover this stunning region of southern Spain with its pretty hilltop villages that preserve a traditional way of life, while being within easy reach of the fabulous beaches of the Costa del Sol.

Luxury Villa located in rural hills of Ronda

Villa Sofia, luxury rural villa rental in Ronda

As well as helping you explore the Ronda wine scene, we can also help you delight the tastebuds with local experiences including olive oil tasting, cheese making and private Michelin-grade chefs at home during your stay in Ronda.  Email us at to start planning your trip.

Lindsay Gregory

Lindsay is the Founder and Curator of The Luxury Villa Collection. With over 22 years experience living and working in Spain, she's constantly in search of the most authentic and original travel experiences, coupled with the best villas, to help you enjoy Spain in style.

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