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A short distance from Marbella lies Ronda, an historic country town full of beauty and charm set within spectacular natural scenery, perfectly placed to explore the coast and cultural capitals of Andalucia

feria de Ronda, Andalucia

Ronda Highlights

  • Historic charm; Ronda enjoys UNESCO World Heritage status because of its stunning scenery, magnificent buildings and old quarter
  • A unique setting built on a large rock outcrop that rises up from the surrounding land, it overlooks a fantastic landscape of green valleys and mountain ranges
  • The famous Puente Nuevo; a classic baroque bridge spanning a deep gorge that divides two distinct parts of town
  • Fine dining; this elegant country town is famous for its traditional restaurants, tapas bars and fine dining restaurants
  • Culture; the many museums, art galleries, antique shops and markets make Ronda a cultural centre with something to offer everyone
  • Activities;  apart from puenting, mountain climbing, hiking, camping and hot air ballooning, the area is also known for its vineyards, wine tasting opportunities and quaint railway rides through beautiful mountain country

Ronda, a Classic Jewel in the Mountains

An elegant country town in a beautiful setting, Ronda is divided into a newer modern area and historical old town

Ronda, Idylicc place to visit during Andalucia holidays

The first real country town of any size that you come to when you venture up-country from Marbella is Ronda. A long and eventful history has bequeathed it with buildings in Moorish, Renaissance and Baroque styles, and above all with a fascination that only grows as you lift the many layers that together make up Ronda.

Historic Ronda is perched rather dramatically on a flat rocky outcrop that is raised above the surroundings, the better to enjoy magnificent views over a paradisiacal landscape of lush pastures and mountainous layers that stretch all the way to where the sun dips into the horizon.

At once iconic and unique, Ronda ranks among the most beautiful towns in Spain. This accolade is in part thanks to the iconic Puente Nuevo (New Bridge), which is said to be among the most photographed sites in the world. Taking 42 years to complete and dating from 1751, this architecturally stunning landmark connects the Old Town (known as La Ciudad) with the newer parts of Ronda, while affording breathtaking views to the Tajo Canyon, deep down below.

From this central point you can stroll around at leisure among the gracious classical buildings that house public offices, museums, hotels, stately homes as well as fine restaurants and shops. Among these are the famous Parador, many inviting boutique hotels, Ronda’s Municipal Museum housed in the elegant Palacio de Mondrago, the Lara Museum, the Hunting Museum the historic Arab Baths and the fascinating Museo del Bandolero, which depicts the lives of the famous bandits that once roamed these parts.

Ronda is also home to Spain’s oldest bullring (built in 1784), now also home to the Real Maestranza Bullfighting and Cavalry Museum, which traces the rich equestrian tradition of this region. It finds itself within a panoramic cliff-side park that reminds one of Ronda’s unique location as it offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside far below.

A Stunning Array of Leisure Choices to Enjoy

In addition to its charm and cultural appeal, Ronda also serves as the base for a great many activities that make full use of its natural setting

Visiting the vineyards in Ronda

While some have taken to “puenting” a form of bungee jumping off the Puente Nuevo, most people prefer to walk down the gentler slopes of the gorge to where the Tajo River flows into the lush undulating valley that stretches out all around Ronda.

This area also lends itself to horse riding, farm visits and scenic train rides intro the surrounding mountains, which in turn form the basis for hiking, mountaineering, camping and admiring the magnificent birds of prey that hover on the thermals.

If you prefer an even clearer perspective there are also hot air balloon excursions that take in the beautiful valley, town and mountain setting, while nearby are lakes popular for canoeing and kayaking, and a private state-of-the-art motor racing circuit that is one of the finest tracks of its kind in Europe.

Gastronomy in a Region of Fine Food and Vineyards

Ronda lies in the midst of its own broad fertile valley, a veritable breadbasket of food and wine production with a culinary tradition to match

Gourmet food in Ronda, Andalucia

The rich farmland and pastures surrounding the town provide the ingredients for a rich gastronomy that ranks among the best in Andalucí­a. As a result, Ronda is well known for its tapas bars, traditional restaurants and award-winning restaurants, where hearty country fare forms the inspiration for both authentic classics and modern interpretations.

Much of the produce from the area is now organically grown, as is a significant and growing proportion of the wine produced in what is an increasingly important wine growing region. The vineyards of Ronda are producing more and more award-winning wines and promoting the status of organic wines in the process, and they also encourage visitors to visit to see the production process and sample the finished product in settings that are suitably inspiring.

The cooking holidays offered by many of the country hotels in the valley are becoming increasingly popular, making this rich agricultural region like a romantic Tuscan destination in the heart of Andalucí­a.

Antiques, Ancient Crafts and Markets

If you can tear yourself away from the mesmerising views to be had from the town’s park, cross the road and head for the Plaza del Socorro, you will find yourself in a district full of shops, cafés, tapas bars, restaurants and life. This commercial heart of Ronda is an area marked by pedestrian shopping streets and squares lined with cafés in which enjoy the sun and partake of classic Mediterranean café society.

Rather than designer brands you will find Ronda stands out for its quaint antique shops and flea markets, while a visit to the town’s food market is always a fascinating experience. Here you will find fresh produce, meat and fish beautifully displayed amid the hustle and bustle of a lively market.

Alternatively you may want to browse around the antique shops of the old La Ciudad district, or go in search of bargains and lots of atmosphere at the open-air flea markets, which really capture the essence of a town made up of the many layers of history and culture that have turned it into a classic jewel in the mountains.

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