Cadiz is a haven for food-lovers, the Atlantic climate brings the freshest ingredients, sweet and salty Sherry wines, and inspirational menus, the most innovative of which can be found in its Michelin-star restaurants.

Cadiz’s gastronomy is based around fish and seafood, with the local Sherries from nearby Jerez de la Frontera and El Puerto de Santa Maria being the perfect accompaniment.

It comes as no surprise that some superb dining options await you in Cadiz, with a number of Michelin-starred restaurants – including one with highest accolade of three stars, Aponiente in El Puerto de Santa Maria.

How many Michelin-starred restaurants are there in Cadiz, Spain?

At the time of writing, there are twenty -four Michelin-starred restaurants in Cadiz and the surrounding area.  Here are just a few.  Booking is essential.

Aponiente, El Puerto de Santa Maria

Fine Dining at Aponiente

© Aponiente, El Puerto de Santa Maria

Innovation is invariably a key factor in the success of any chef and their restaurant, and this is especially true of Angel Léon. Known as “the chef of the sea,” Léon is constantly coming up with new techniques (seafood sausages) and ground-breaking dishes (tuna and chocolate), which feature on his 15-course tasting menu.

In addition to its three Michelin stars, Aponiente also has a Green Michelin Star, which indicates sustainability – Leon uses discarded fish and marine ingredients that are not commonly considered as edible, such as plankton and bioluminescence, as well as cultivating his own eelgrass cereal. El Puerto de Santa Maria is to the north-east of Cadiz – an easy boat trip across the bay.

Calle Francisco Cossi Ochoa, 11500 El Puerto de Santa María Aponiente

Open lunch and dinner, Tuesday to Saturday (Wednesday to Saturday in winter)

Código de Barra, Cadiz

Fine Dining at Codigo de Barra

© Codigo de Barra, Cadiz

A new take on traditional gaditano cuisine: at this one-Michelin-starred restaurant, Dutch chef Léon Griffioen, along with his wife Paqui Márquez, sommelier and front of house, offers two 11-course tasting menus, Gadeira and Qadis.

The current Michelin guide says the tasting menus are different: “The two tasting menus (Cotinusa and Gadir) provide an insight into the flavours of Cadiz’s cuisine from a contemporary perspective, revealing specific aspects of its history through the region’s very best ingredients.”

Their exquisitely presented (both visually and verbally) dishes reference the colourful history and rich gastronomic culture of Cádiz.

Caldillo de perro, a fish soup which dates from Visigothic times, puts an innovative twist on a regional classic, while their signature dish, albedo, features orange pith purée (eaten during times of want) with smoked sardine and olives.

There’s a great wine list – try local stars Tesalia Arx, an intense yet fresh red, or Terralba, an aromatic white.

Calle San Francisco 7, 11004 Cadiz Codigo de Barra

Open lunch and dinner, Tuesday to Saturday

LÚ Cocina y Alma, Jerez de la Frontera

Fine Dining at LÚ Cocina

© LÚ Cocina y Alma, Jerez De La Frontera

Here you can enjoy French techniques showcasing the finest Andalucian ingredients – chef Juanlu Fernandez (after whom the restaurant is named, along with his watchwords of “kitchen” and “soul”) previously worked as head chef with Angel Leon at Aponiente (see above).

The space, situated in the heart of the sherry capital, Jerez de la Frontera, has the kitchen inside the dining area, so you can watch your dishes being created.

Duxende and El Festín, the two tasting menus, take diners at this one-Michelin-star restaurant on journeys across the senses. Always outstandingly imaginative, Juanlu’s typical dishes include saffron hake with breadcrumbs.

Calle de Zaragoza 2, 11402 Jerez De La Frontera LÚ Cocina y Alma

Open lunch Tuesday to Sunday, dinner Tuesday to Saturday

Alevante, Sancti Petri

Ángel León´s other Michelin-starred establishment, the one-star Alevante, takes his fish-forward philosophy to the Cadiz area’s only five-star GL hotel, the Gran Meliá Sanci Petri, located on stunning La Barrosa beach.

Both menus, the 18-course Gran Menu and the 15-course Selection Menu, feature less fashionable catch such as dogfish and mackerel, as well as halophytes (saltwater plants) and his signature plankton. Be sure to leave room for the dessert – an emerald-green seaweed tarte tatin (Gran Menu only).

Nuevo Sancti Petri, 11130 Cadiz Alevante

Open lunch and dinner Monday to Saturday (in winter, Thursday and Friday dinner, and Saturday lunch and dinner).

Mantúa, Jerez de la Frontera

Fine Dining at Mantúa

© Mantúa, Jerez de la Frontera

Minimalist and modern are the keywords for Israel Ramos’ Jerez restaurant.

Situated on a tree-lined square, this one-Michelin-starred establishment focuses on taste and texture; the simple space is adorned with striking abstract art.

His tasting menus, entitled Arcilla (16 courses) and Caliza (20 courses), feature creative concoctions such as duck canneloni with pickled pumpkin, and quisquilla (prawn) with fennel and cold almond and dill soup. Ask for the sherry pairings.

Plaza Aladro 7, 11402 Jerez de la Frontera Cocina y Bodega | Restaurante Mantúa (

Open lunch and dinner Tuesday to Saturday

The best of the rest: must-visit Michelin restaurants in Cadiz

If you can’t get into one of the above big-hitters, there are some other restaurants in the Cadiz area recommended in the Michelin Guide which are worth visiting.

These include the sister establishment of Codigo de Barra (located on the same street), Contraseña (Bib Gourmand for good value); and Almanaque Casa de Comidas, also a Bib Gourmand, for rice dishes.

La Marmita de Ancha specialises in sustainably-fished bluefin tuna with an Asian touch.

In El Puerto de Santa Maria, Angel Leon’s La Taberna del Chef del Mar has less pricey versions of his creations, and nearby in Puerto Sherry marina, Berdó serves great fish dishes with superb sherries.

Where to Stay?

Cadiz province is home to some outstanding hotels, or if you prefer a little more privacy, we have some superbly-appointed villas for rent in Cadiz, close to some of Spain’s best beaches and the fabulous gastronomy we’ve mentioned here. Get in touch for availability.

Fiona Flores Watson

Fiona is our local expert living in Seville, writing about life in Andalucia with all its foibles; exploring its hidden corners in cities and surrounding provinces, and finding out what makes it tick. She writes amusing tales if life an expat journalist mother with two bilingual children and a Spanish husband; helping them (and herself) to tread the path between two cultures, as an "anglo-andalusí".

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