Estepona is an attractive coastal town, with golden, sandy beaches stretching 21 km from east to west. While it’s fast becoming a tourist hot spot, it’s still not quite as popular as Malaga or Marbella – which is all part of its charm. Beaches are spacious, you won’t have to fight for a lounger, and there’s always room at a local chiringuito for a quick cerveza (beer) or a cocktail.

Whether you’re looking for a secluded cove, a beach with watersports, a beach-side daybed or even a nudist beach, Estepona beaches offer something for everyone. And if you fancy a stroll, the beach promenade runs all the way to Marbella.

Playa del Saladillo

Estepona Beaches Guide Playa del Saladillo

Just a 15-minute drive away from Estepona town centre, Playa del Saladillo is the perfect family day out, with a long sandy beach for playing games and building sandcastles, facilities such as toilets and showers, and even a place to hire jet skis. For a bite to eat head to Pepe’s Chiringuito, a local favourite or for something a little more indulgent, try La Antigua, set slightly away from the beach.

Length: 3km
Location: Playa de El Saladillo Estepona, 29680

Resturant tips: & La Antigua Google Map

Playa Guadalmansa

Estepona Beaches Guide Playa Guadalmansa

If you’re looking for a more quiet, urban beach – even in summer – Playa Guadalmansa offers just that. A long, thin beach, about a 10-minute drive from central Estepona, with a mixture of sand and a little stone, it’s ideal for long walks or relaxing with a book. Barraka Beach Club is at the east end of the beach, and has day beds, should you wish to be a little closer to refreshments.

Length: 2.5km
Location: Playa de Playabella – Guadalmansa Estepona, 29680

Restaurant tip:

Playa de Guadalmina

Estepona Beaches Guide Playa Guadalmina

If you want to embrace a little local culture on your trip to the beach, visit Playa de Guadalmina, famous for its Roman ruins known as Las Bóvedas, an archaeological site sitting next to the beach from the 3rd century AD, and a defensive watchtower from the 16th century. A popular site, this isn’t the quietest beach but there are plenty of facilities and a few chiringuitos like Senora Beach, or head into the urbanisation behind the beach where you’ll find Restaurant PlayaBella.

Length: 1.5km
Location: Guadalmina Beach Marbella, 29670

Restaurant tip:

Playa Arroyo de las Cañas – Playa del Velerín

Estepona Beaches Guide Playa Arroyo de las Cañas

This 1km beach is one of the quietest to the east of Estepona, as there’s only one chiringuito. Hotels such as Andalucia Beach are at the far end of the beach, so often it’s only hotel guests who you’ll see in this area. Towards the west end, Playa del Velerin, there’s a nice chiringuito (Chiringuito Torre Velerín), with tables on the sand and a few beds, too. There’s also another watchtower, from the 16th if you wanted to take a stroll to the look-out point.

Length: 1km
Location: Arroyo las Cañas Beach – Velerin, Estepona, 29680

Playa del Castor

Estepona Beaches Guide Playa del Castor

Similar to Playa del Velerín, this is a more secluded, urban beach, with just one place to grab a bite to each or drink – Dominion Beach. There are no water sports and only a few facilities but it’s ideal if you want to escape the crowds for a little while and relax in the sunshine.

Length: 880m
Location: Playa del Castor, Estepona, 29680

Playa del Padrón

Estepona Beaches Guide Playa del Padron

Playa del Padrón used to be incredibly popular, with its blue flag-rated beach, soft sand, and the shopping centre and cafés of Laguna Beach. Unfortunately, Laguna Beach burnt down in a fire a few years ago, but the council is working to bring it back by the end of 2023. That said, there are still a few beach clubs and several elegant hotels nearby, such as Spíler Beach Club and the Kempinski 5-star hotel, which bring plenty of visitors.

Length: 1.4km
Location: Playa de El Padrón Estepona, 29689

Playa de Punta Plata

Estepona Beaches Guide Playa Punta de la Plata, Estepona

In the eastern part of Estepona, Punta de la Plata is a long, narrow beach with a mix of stones and dark sand. Even though there’s a large urbanisation behind the beach, it’s relatively quiet and a great place to watch the many cyclists and runners enjoying the new boardwalk. Plata Beach Restaurante is a lovely place for lunch or dinner, or if you walk a little further, Wild Cafe is a very popular brunch and lunch spot, with lots of healthy and vegan options, too.

Length: 2.3km
Location: Playa de Punta de la Plata Estepona, 29689

Restaurant tip:

Playa de la Rada

Estepona Beaches Guide Chiringuito Central on Rada Beach

One of Estepona’s busiest beaches, expect fun for the whole family, from watersports to playgrounds, and long, sandy beaches. This iconic beach has many chiringuitos and beach clubs, with plenty of daybeds and atmosphere, too. A few favourites are Palm Beach and El Madero. If you want to get away from the beach, you’re right by the town centre too, which has a brilliant restaurant scene, with places like Restaurant el Pescador offering views of the promenade and incredibly fresh seafood.

Length: 2.6km
Location: Playa de la Rada Estepona, 29689

Restaurant tip:,,

Playa del Cristo

Estepona Beaches Guide Playa del Cristo

A small, sandy blue flag-rated cove, to the west of Estepona Port, Playa del Cristo is popular with locals and tourists alike. The waters are warm, it’s slightly protected from the wind, and there’s plenty of parking, too. For a quick bite to eat, visit Lolailo Beach Bar or head to the port, where there are plenty of restaurants to choose from, whether you fancy Spanish, French, Italian or Asian Cuisine. If you walk to the far west of the beach you’ll reach Playa Seghers, which is often quieter and there’s a fun restaurant/bar overlooking the sea called Restaurante Ancla Sea Bridge.

Length: 700m
Location: Playa de El Cristo Estepona, 29680

Playa de Guadalobón

Estepona Beaches Guide Playa de Guadalobon

Another narrow, dark sand/stoney beach, Playa de Guadalobón stretches out west, and is the back garden to many of the guests who live in the apartments closeby. Quite out of the way, it never gets too busy, although you’ll have to walk to another beach for refreshments.

Length: 850m
Location: Arroyo Vaquero Beach, Guadalobón Estepona, 29680

Playa de Costa Natura

One of the first naturist beaches on the Costa del Sol, and the only one in Estepona, Playa de Costa Natura is a small, private nudist beach. You can wear clothes if you like but be aware that many people don’t. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere, and certainly an experience.

Length: 100-200m
Location: Carretera de Cádiz Km 151, 29680 Estepona

Playa de Arroyo Vaquero

Estepona Beaches Guide Playa de Arroyo Vaquero

This wide stretch of sand, located just in front of the Vaquero stream, is bathed by rocky waters that are popular for snorkelling and scuba diving. The beach itself is a little rocky but there are watersports available, as well as the popular Nido Estepona beach club, where you can grab a bed by the pool, overlooking the sea.

Length: 700m
Location: Playa de Arroyo Vaquero, 29680 Estepona

Restaurant tip:

Playa Bahía Dorada

Estepona Beaches Guide Playa Bahia Dorada

The quiet Bahía Dorada Beach is a tranquil spot, loved by locals and tourists who want to escape the busier beaches. The rocky seabed is great for snorkelling and there’s enough sand you can find a comfortable spot to relax, too. Again, you’ll need to bring some snacks along with you as there aren’t any chiringuitos around, although there are a few hotels.

Length: 10m
Location: Playa Bahía Dorada, 29680 Estepona

Playa de la Galera

Estepona Beaches Guide Playa de la Galera

Although Estepona’s westernmost beaches, it’s still very popular with tourists and locals who want a little more seclusion – there’s also a lot of space if you have children who want to run around. While mostly sandy, the beach is peppered with a few rocks, but if you walk along a bit, you’ll find a soft spot to set up camp. As before, a packed lunch is required as there aren’t any bars and cafes, with just apartments and a few hotels behind the beach.

Length: 2km
Location: Playa de La Galera Estepona, 29693

Estepona is a coastal town full of character and history, with flower-lined streets and a beautiful old town, which you can wander around in for hours. Check out our guides to Estepona restaurants and top things to do in Estepona.

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